Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sunshine photos in the morning at Kandy, Sri lanka

These photos were taken by myself in Kandy area. kandy is the second major town in sri Lanka, there are large number of villages within the kandy district. Use these link to see more pictures.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beautiful pictures of Lulkadura Estate in Sri lanka

Tea was introduced to Sri Lanka by James taylor in 1867. Firstly, tea plants were plated at Peradeniya Botanical garden and later those were replanted in Lulkadura Estate. Therefore, Lulkadura is the first tea plantation of sri lanka. During the period of James taylor, first tea factory of sri lanka was built. There is a small museum in lulkadura consisting of the items that he used.
You can reach to the lulkadura plantation, travel through the kandy- Colombo road to galaha junction which is near to peradeniya town and turn to the galaha road. Then, travel to the Deltota and then travel through the Hewahata road about 7Kms. Now, you can reach to the Lulkadura plantation.
For more pictures of Lulkadura.

photos taken at lulkadura estate

Picture of the well that James taylor was used